Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)
The Gryphon Motif
Graphic Design

The Challenge

To give back more than physical effort to an organization that on hindsight, has left a very humbling experience and appreciation of this journey and story we call life. 

The Outcome

A proposal for a motif that can be used on various physical collaterals — T–Shirts for when the others are in the wash, Tote Bags that can be stuffed with the most random of tools and equipment and even Pinned Buttons for the weekly community engagement programmes with the Public.

Pump Ladders from SCDF on standby in an exerciseT-shirt for SCDF with the Gryphon motif artworkTote Bag for SCDF with the Gryphon motif artworkPinned Buttons for SCDF with the Gryphon motif artwork

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